About KoRoot Guest House (www.korootgh.com)


KoRoot Guest House was founded in July 2003 to help returning Korean adoptees to resolve the challenges faced in Korea by providing them with accommodation and assistance for family search orientation, interpretation, and providing information to ease them while they are staying in Korea. 

We have four types of rooms: a women’s dormitory, a men’s dormitory, a couples room and a family room. Couples have the priority for the couples room and families have a priority for the family room. If the family room is not otherwise occupied, it may be used as a dormitory. 

Amenities includes: Air conditioning, daily breakfast, shared kitchen, shared bath, a common room, free WIFI and a flat screen tv, linen, outdoor garden/balcony, and towels.


This Green oasis inn is a kind of a home base and a starting point into the country for me. Mrs.Kong, Pastor Kim and Changseon gave me a familiar feeling and welcomed me happily. I enjoyed meeting nice and interesting people from all over the world with who you can exchange feelings, thoughts, or just hang out with.

- Hubert Choong-Ho Bockmair(Germany) 

KoRoot is a special place. It is a place of comfort, of support, a space to just be. And we do not need to explain our existence. It is a place of connection, despite our separation from our birth country.

- Kate Gjerde (US)


House Rule ^^


  • Guests are required to change their own bed sheets if necessary (clean sheets are in the cabinet upstairs). Minimum of once a week is allowed.
  • Check out is by noon.
  • Before you leave, please take your used sheets to the laundry room and clean your room for the next guest.


|Food and Kitchen

  • Kitchen usage is not allowed after 11PM.
  • Breakfast: 6 AM - 11 AM (self-serve).
  • We are a guesthouse who minds cleanliness. Guests are required to wash their own dishes.
  • Lunch: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (Mon - Fri).
  • Food delivery: Please order no later than 8 PM (pizza, fried chicken, etc). After finishing delivery food    (e.g. Chinese food),
  • please wash the bowl and take it outside of the main gate for pickup.
  • Refrigerator: cereal, bread, Jam, butter, coffee, and tea are provided.  When leaving your own food in the fridge, it is recommended to label your food.
  • Guests can use the rice cooker, stove, and microwave.
  • If you want to use other kitchen equipment, please let a house manager know, and clean up after you're done.
  • You may use any food, dishes or cups except those labeled as private.



  • Please do not take a shower between 11 PM - 5 AM.
  • Towels are available in a wooden closet in the lounge upstairs. Please use the towel more than once before laundering it (for the environment and energy cost savings).



|Laundry Room 

  • Please do not launder after 11 PM.
  • Washing machine \ 2,000 KRW + dryer \ 2,000 KRW. Please pay the staff before using.
  • Instructions are posted above the machines.
  • Detergent is provided.
  • You may use the drying racks in the laundry room.


|Additional Notes

  • Payment: Please pay the fee between 10 AM - 6 PM (Mon - Fri).
  • No smoking inside the house.
  • You may smoke outside or on the upstairs balcony. Please use the ashtrays and dispose of cigarette butts in the small plastic bin placed outside.
  • Garbage: Take out full garbage bags and bring them to the ground floor to be sorted and disposed of.
  • International telephone cards: These are available for purchase from the staff.
  • If you are the last person to go to sleep, please turn off the computer, lights, TV and air conditioner.
  • If you need to store your luggage, please ask staff.
  • Do not leave your belongings out when you leave. We will not take responsibility for lost items.
  • KoRoot is usually a safe place and you are welcome to ask staff to keep your valuables.



KoRoot works to make all guests comfortable and welcomed during their stay.


Thank you for your support.  <3


Hope to see you soon.