● 1st Adoption Truths Day Declaration reading(May 11th)

● Hosting Dialogues with Adoptees :: Law, Policy & Intercountry adoption of Korea

● Co-hosting 1st Adoption Truths Day International Conference “Adoption Justice: Issues of Records and Identity”

● "Beyond the Trap of Racism: The Story of Mixed Koreans, Mixed Adoptees" was published

● Joint press conference against the introduction of the anonymous birth registration system

● Joint press conference calls for universal birth registration system
● Approved to be an associated member of Family for Every Child in UK - 37 members in 34 countries

● Co-hosting 9th Single Moms’ Day human rights campaign (May 4th) and international conference

●『Why the children were forced to leave Korea』was published

● Screening of 'Side by Side', a documentary for overseas adoption (Director Glenn Morey)

● UBR Network won the 2019 Korea Human Rights Award(awarded by National Human Rights Commission)
● Co-hosting press conference and memorial ceremony of Korean adoptee from Norway Jan Sorskog

● Human Library ’Reunion between birth family and adoptee, and human library’

● Co-hosting 8th Single Moms’ Day marching campaign(May 5th) and international conference

● Campaign ‘a country that sends children overseas for adoption today’ with Kakao storyfunding

● meeting with Child welfare policy team of Ministry of Health and Welfare

● My story theatre(Playback Theatre) with adoptees and birth families

● 7th Solidarity Day - children's life tied to their birth records
● International Conference for the 7th Single Moms’ Day

● University of California Irvine Symposium “The End of Korean International Adoption” presentation(USA), Episcopal Church LA Intercountry Adoption Speech by Pastor Kim Do Hyun

● Psychological counseling & healing seminar for adoptees “Hilbrand Westra: Adoption & Trauma”

● Asian Philanthropy Award - The Philanthropist of the Year (Pastor Kim Do Hyun)

● Funeral assistance for Korean adoptees’ deaths(April Philip Clay- US, Dec. Jan-Norway)
● International Conference for the 6th Single Moms’ Day

● Finding family through DNA testing [ adoptees’ voice network beyond geographical border] workshop

● Adoption politics roundtable for the meeting of birth families and adoptees

●Culture Project(Traditional martial arts training, poetry reading and meditation, soap work and knitting, small outlet crafts, chocolate and bread making)

● ”Women’s Lives during Joseon Dynasty” seminar with Prof. Jang Byeongin

● 325KAMRA Korean partner, American Mixed-blood & Adoptee Group, – identifying birth family members through DNA testing service
● Volunteer/activist training

● International Conference for the 5th Single Moms’ Day

● International Korean Adoption: A Fifty- Year History of Policy and Practice Korean translation and publishing

● Culture Projects (accessories making, wool scarf making, cooking class with Christmas dinner)
● Memorial ceremony for US adoptee, Hyunsoo O’Callaghan

● International Conference for the 4th Single Moms’ Day

● First Friday Movie Night (reflecting on Korean modern history through movies) (five events)

● Jeollanamdo Historical Trip with adoptees
● International Conference and Human Library for ‘the 3rd Single Moms’ Day

● Korean translation of Outsiders Within selected by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as an excellent scholarly book of the year (Social Science field)

● 10th Anniversary Event
● Publishing company established and commemoration held for the Korean translation and publishing of Outsiders Within edited by Jane Jeong Trenka and more

● International Conference commemorating the 2nd Single Moms’ Day

● Mini concert by German adoptee, Miriam Akkermann

● 1st Solidarity Day (continuing annually to the present)
● International Conference commemorating 1st Single Moms’ Day

● Fully Amended Special Adoption Law passed at National Assembly

● Fundraiser for adoptees’ livelihood through potluck dinner & auction
● Call for the amendment of Special Adoption Law and screening of a documentary film Resilience

● “Hague Convention on Child Trafficking and Intercountry Adoption and Korean adoption system” Presentation (Place- Korean Women’s development Institute) by Dr. David Smolin

● International Association of Korean Lawyers session with Dr. David Smolin

● Book release party for the novel Remembering Koryo written by a French adoptee, Eric

● “Meet the Artist” event with Belgian adoptee cartoonist, Jeongshik Jeon

● Non-profit organization registration through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
● Memorial ceremony for Swedish adoptee, Susan Brink

● 4th Adoption Day commemoration and photo and video art exhibition by adoptee artists(Kim Sperling and others): “Dispersed and Returned”
● Heurgbyulnal Intercultural Business School of KoRoot (HIBSOK)

● English Poetry reading by a US adoptee, Prof. Lee Herrick

● 5th anniversary ceremony and party in celebration of the Korean translation of Comforting an Orphan Nation by Tobias Hubinette

● English Poetry reading by a US adoptee Prof. Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
● Heurgbyulnal Intercultural Business School of KoRoot (HIBSOK)

● Autumn Night Garden Concert
● Heurgbyulnal Intercultural Business School of KoRoot (HIBSOK)

● Patriarchy and Overseas Adoption: Public Discussion about Adoption Day (Place- National Human Rights Commission of Korea)

● 3rd anniversary commemoration and screening of a film by US adoptee director Tammy Chu
● Opening - Heurgbyulnal Intercultural Business School of KoRoot (HIBSOK)
● The inauguration of Rev. Do Hyun Kim and JungAe Kong for KoRoot

● 1st anniversary commemoration and exhibition by adopted Belgian conceptual artist Mihee Cho

● Memorial service for US adoptee Scott Kim Calla

● Evening party for US adoptee writer Jane Jeong Trenka
● Non-profit organization registration in the International Cooperation Division of the City of Seoul

● Opening ceremony of KoRoot(July 7th)

● First Chuseok festival with adoptees
● General meeting of foundation of overseas adoptees center Joint Rep. :Kim, GilJa(Founder of Kyungin Women’s College), Seo, Kyung Suk (Executive chairman of Korean Sharing Movement)