Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. This is an organization dedicated to overseas Korean adoptees as well as their parents.

  • Yes. If an adoptee travels with his/her family or friends, it is possible for those accompanying the adoptee to stay at KoRoot even though they are not adoptees.

  • Unfortunately we don’t have a single room. But if a family room or a couples room is available, we can offer you the room at additional cost.

  • Each room is meant to be a single-gender environment and stay that way. However, there is an exception to this single-gender environment policy in special cases (e.g. family, couple, etc.) We can only tell you where they are from if you care to know, but that’s probably as far as we can go; we don’t give out other personal information.

  • We offer bedding, soap and towels. You can purchase other basic necessities from a convenience store nearby. We strongly recommend that you take personal responsibility for alcohol. A moderate amount of alcoholic beverage is tolerable at the manager’s discretion. Once again, this is a matter of responsibility, and we expect you to live up to it. The management reserves the right to expel anyone who has had an excessive amount of alcohol or brings it on the premises. The use of narcotics and/or other controlled substances without a valid prescription in the KoRoot Guesthouse is strictly prohibited. Visitors are expected to obey local laws regarding the use of controlled substances.

  • Yes. If you decide to depart from the KoRoot guesthouse earlier than you were scheduled to leave, we expect you to give us 2 weeks’ notice.

  • There is a phone guests can use. After using the phone, you have to put coins into a moneybox according to the time you spent on each call.

  • Yes, you get to have free internet access! as well as WiFi!