Welcome to KoRoot


KoRoot is a guesthouse for returning overseas Korean adoptees, with its foundation in the heart of hospitality. It is also an NGO trying to find appropriate perspectives on domestic and inter-country adoption discourses.

KoRoot would like to be a "house of hospitality" for overseas Korean adoptees who have been scattered around the world. We hope that adoptees will have many opportunities to experience Korean society and culture while staying at KoRoot, as well as find their biological parents and other family members if they are ready to do so. Moreover, we hope that adoptees can build worldwide solidarity amongst themselves while deepening their relationships with their birth country.

In addition, KoRoot would like to challenge Korean society to become a "house of hospitality" for all children born in Korea. over the past 60 years, Korea has sent away almost 200,000 children for overseas adoption because of their social status as mixed-race children, children of poor families, children with disabilities, and children of unwed mothers. Looking at the historical background, we can see that adoption might be considered to be a kind of separation or even a mild form of social segregation. KoRoot hopes that Korean society itself will develop into a "house of hospitality", especially for mothers and children facing the crisis of separation. KoRoot dreams of a society in which mothers and children have the right to live together and receive support and encouragement, regardless of their social status, and adoption is not viewed as the first, inevitable solution.

Thank you for your love and support.

President of KoRoot

Do-Hyun KIM