What's New New Board Members and Regular Members of KoRoot 2022-09-22


2nd Board Meeting & General Assembly of 2022


On September 15th, KoRoot held the 2nd Board Meeting and the General Assembly of 2022.

The board meeting was to welcome the seven new board members of our organization. During the general assembly, the four regular members of KoRoot were appointed as well. 

We send our greatest gratitude to all the board directors and the members of the general assembly who attended the meetings and those who supported us through zoom. We also welcome the new directors as well as the new members of KoRoot. 

KoRoot is looking forward to further developing our new visions and to further develop as an organization. 






Newly appointed Board members

김희경 Hee-Kyung, Kim

노혜련 Hae-Ryun, Noh

박완규 Wan-Kyu, Park

소라미 Ra-Mi, Soh

이성엽 Seong-Yeop, Lee

이지윤 Ji-Yoon, Lee

전기철 Ki-Cheol, Jeon


 Newly appointed regular members 

김동제 Dong-Jae, Kim

김영혜 Young-Hae, Kim

나윤도 Yoon-Do, Na

최영웅 Young-Woong, Choi